The knowledge base for Chinese medicine is incredibly vast.

There are thousands of medical texts which were written in the time span of the Han to the Qing Dynasties.

These books make up the core knowledge of pre-modern Chinese medicine.

Sadly, many of these books have not been translated into English, and there are thousands which never will be.

This is no small feat, as each small to medium text takes a translator at least a year to translate, and larger texts take even longer.

This is a labor of love, born from the desire to read the material that our teachers have read, and to drink from the source.

Our mission is to translate these texts in a literal way.

Most scholars will agree that a literal translation is the starting point for texts where the source material is in a different language.

Once a literal translation has been created, and is on the market, then it is up to our community to tease out the layered meanings within the text.

There are several ways that you the reader can help us reach our lofty goals, which we believe will greatly increase the resources for those interested in Chinese medicine.

First: A subscription to our Chinese Medicine Database helps pay our translators to translate texts which have never been translated before.

The Data within these texts is then searchable in Chinese or in English.

Second: We have published seventeen books to date, and they are:

Bèi Jí Qiān Jīn Yào Fāng 備急千金要方 Essential Prescriptions Worth a Thousand in Gold For Every Emergency by Sūn Sīmiǎo 孫思邈 (Volume II - IV) Translated by Sabine Wilms Out of Print

The Jīn Guì Fāng Gē Kuò 金匱方歌括 Formulas from the Golden Cabinet with Songs by Chén Xiūyuán 陳修園 (Volume I - III) Translated by Sabine Wilms

The Zhēn Jiǔ Dà Chéng 針灸大成 The Great Compendium of Acupuncture & Moxibustion by Yáng Jìzhōu 楊繼洲 (Volume I) Translated by Sabine Wilms

The Zhēn Jiǔ Dà Chéng 針灸大成 The Great Compendium of Acupuncture & Moxibustion by Yáng Jìzhōu 楊繼洲 (Volume V) Translated by Lorraine Wilcox

The Zhēn Jiǔ Dà Chéng 針灸大成 The Great Compendium of Acupuncture & Moxibustion by Yáng Jìzhōu 楊繼洲 (Volume VIII) Translated by Yue Lu

The Zhēn Jiǔ Dà Chéng 針灸大成 The Great Compendium of Acupuncture & Moxibustion by Yáng Jìzhōu 楊繼洲 (Volume IX) Translated by Lorraine Wilcox

Raising the Dead and Returning Life: Emergency Medicine of the Qing Dynasty Translated by Lorraine Wilcox

The Zhēn Jiǔ Zī Shēng Jīng 針灸資生經 The Classic of Supporting Life with Acupuncture and Moxibustion Vol. I-III Translated by Yue Lu

The Jīn Guì Fāng Gē Kuò 金匱方歌括 Formulas from the Golden Cabinet with Songs by Chén Xiūyuán 陳修園 (Volume IV - VI) Translated by Eran Even

The Zhēn Jiǔ Zī Shēng Jīng 《針灸資生經》 The Classic of Supporting Life with Acupuncture and Moxibustion by Wáng Zhízhōng 王執中 (Vol. IV-VII) Translated by Yue Lu

The Nǚ Yī Zá Yán 《女醫雜言》 The Miscellaneous Records of a Female Doctor by Tán Yǔnxián 談允賢 Translated by Lorraine Wilcox

The Nǚ Kē Cuò Yào 《女科撮要》 The Outline of Female Medicine by Xuē Jǐ 薛己 Translated by Lorraine Wilcox

These books can be found at our own store, as well as Amazon, the Journal of Chinese Medicine, and China Books

The purchase of these books helps us continue to translate and offer our community regular releases of never before translated books.

Lastly, tell your friends and peers about us. Only by doing this as a community will we really be able to make a critical mass, where we are able to accomplish a massive amount in our lifetimes!

We appreciate you our users, and our readers. Thank you for visiting out website.



The Chinese Medicine Database is commited to providing original translations of the Classics.


Our goal is to translate using high level translators, the 34,903,716 characters in our possession. We estimate that this will cost over $12,000,000 USD. We believe that if we can generate a large enough subscription base, that this goal is realistic.


Our subscriptions go directly to fund translation; the more subscribers that we have, the more translation that we can accomplish.


We have a near term goal and a long term goal. We believe with your support that we will be able to translate the books that are on our acquired list:

At a rate of 100,000 characters per month:

In 29 years


At a rate of 300,000 characters per month:

In 10 years


Obviously no one person, or company would be able to do this alone. But we believe that united together as a world, which sees that Chinese medicine is a valuable addition to our health care systems, we can achieve this realistic goal.


  • It is our belief that if the number of source documents available to the average practitioner (who does not speak or read Chinese) increases, we will see an increase in the knowledgebase of our profession. We believe that this will benefit our community by allowing practitioners and scholars to conduct their research from and on, the source documents of Chinese medicine.

  • Initially, we plan to release raw translations (translations that have been edited, but are without commentary or annotation) on the Database. some of these transations will also be published as books. These documents will help interested researchers formulate ideas and help focus areas of interest. Once we have enough raw translation, we will begin to focus on adding commentray and annotation to our translations in the Database.

  • Since we source, and commission translators to translate specific works for our use, we reserve the complete rights (digital and/ or print format) to the comissioned document, in exchange for payment at the time of delivery of the document.

    Texts we are seeking to Acquire:


    Texts English Dynasty Chinese
    Ai Lu Yi An Ai Lu's Case Records by Zhang ZhongHua  
    Bang yak happ yeon (KOR) Compilation of Formulas and Medicinals by Hwang Do-yeon 黃度淵 1884 方藥合編
    Bao Anh luong phuong (VTN) Effective Formulae of Master Bao Anh by Nguyen Truc 阮直 15c 保嬰良方
    Bao Ming Ge Jue Verses of Health Preservation by Wan Quan  
    Bao Shen Mi Yao The Secret Important Document of Body Protection by Cao Yuan-Bai    
    Bèi Jí Dān Yàn Yào Fāng Single Ingredient Verified Remedies to Prepare for Emergencies   備急單驗藥方
    Běn Cǎo Bie Shuo (Shui?) A Different Herbal   本草別(說?)
    Běn Cǎo Fa Hui Elaboration of the Materia Medica by Xu Yan Chun 徐彦纯 本草發挥
    Běn Cǎo Huì Yán Treasury of Words on the Materia Medica by Ni Zhu Mo 倪朱漠 本草彙言
    Běn Cǎo Jing Shu Annotation to the Herbal by Miao Xi Jong 缪希雍 1625 本草經疏
    Běn Cǎo Qiu Yuan Tracing the Origin of the Herbal    
    Běn Cǎo Quan Du The Herbal Weighed and Measured by Huang Ji Zhi 1535  
    Běn Cǎo Wàn Fāng Zhēn Xiàn by Cài Liè Xiān 蔡烈先 本草萬方針線
    Běn Cǎo Yuán Shǐ Origins of the Materia Medica by Li ZhongLi 本草原始
    Běn Cǎo Zai Xin A Newly Revised Materia Medica   本草再新
    Běn Cǎo Zhèng Yì Rectification of the Meaning of Materia Medica   本草正義
    Běn Jīng Shū Zhèng by Zōu Shù 鄒澍 本經疏證
    Ben Shi Fang Skillful Prescriptions    
    Ben Yuan Jing Yan Fang Capital Bureau Experiential Formulas    
    Bì Gǔ Zhū Fāng 4 Zhǒng Four Prescriptions for Grain Avoidance   避谷諸方種
    Bian Chan Xu He Ensuring a Harmonious Delivery    
    Bīn Hú Jí Jiǎn Fāng Bin Hu's Collection of Simple Prescriptions by Lǐ Shí Zhēn 李時珍   濒湖集简方
    Bing Yu Tang Yan Fang Proven Formulas from the Crystal Jade Hall    
    Bǔ Jí Zhǒu Hòu Fāng Supplementary Edition of Prescriptions Behind Elbows   補輯肘後方
    Bǔ Que Zhǒu Hòu Fāng A Supplement to the Handbook of Prescriptions for Emergencies   補缺肘後方
    Bu Yang Fang Prescriptions for Supplementation & Nourishment by Mèng Shēn 孟詵   Lost Text
    Bu Yao Xiu Zhen Xiao Er Fang Lun Supplement to the Pocket Sized Discussion of Formulas for Children    
    Bu Yi Lei Gong Pao Zhi Bian Lan The Addendum of Leigong (Thunder man) Introduction of the manufacture of Herbal Medicines    
    Bù Zhī MíngYī Fāng Unidentifed Medical Remedies   不知名醫方
    Byomeiikai  Collected Explanations of Disease Names by Ashikawa, Keishu 蘆川桂洲 1686 病名彙解
    Chá Sè Xiāng Shū Book of Physiognomy for the Examination of Colors of Emanations   察色相書
    Chan Bao Bai Wen One Hundred Questions about Birthing    
    Chan Jing Birth Classic    
    Chan Ke Xin Fa Obstetrical Heart Methods    
    Chao Shi Zhu Bing Yuan Hou Lun Master Chao’s Treatise on Pathogenesis, by Chao Yuan-fang 710  
    Chen Shi Xiao Er Dou Zhen Fang Chen's Prescriptions for Smallpox & Measles in Children by Chen WenZhong 13th century  
    Chén Xiū Yuán Yi Shu Liu Zhong Sixteen Medical Works of Chén Xiū Yuán by Chen NianZu  
    Chì Shuǐ Xuán Zhū by Sūn Yī Kuí 孫一奎 赤水玄珠
    Chim goo gyeon gheom bang (KOR) Experiential Prescriptions of Acupuncture and Moxibustion by Heo Im 許任 1644 鍼灸經驗方
    Chim goo yo gyeol (KOR) Essential Rhymes of Acupuncture and Moxibustion by Yoo Seong-ryong 柳成龍 1600 鍼灸要訣
    Cho chang gyeol (KOR) Rhymes from the Grass Window by Yoon Dong-li 尹東里 1725 草窓訣
    Chong Ding Yan Shi Ji Sheng Fang Revised Yan's Prescriptions for Saving Lives    
    Chóng Wén Zǒng Mù   崇文總目
    Choon gam rok (KOR) Spring Mirror Record by Lee Yeong-choon 李永春 1927 春鑑錄
    Chuán Xìn Shì Yòng Fāng by Wú Yàn Kuí 吳彥夔 傳信適用方
    Chun Qiu Zuo Zhuan Zhu Shu A Detailed Annotation of the Spring & Autumn Annals    
    Chūn Yáng Lǚ Zhēn Rén Yào Shí Zhì Perfected Lü Chunyang’s Compounding Instructions for Plants and Minerals   春陽呂真人藥石製
    Cui Shi Fang Cui's Prescriptions    
    Cun Zhen Tu Drawings for Preserving the Truth    
    Dà Fān Guó Gēng Shēn Nián 800 CE   大番國庚申年
    Dà Guān Běn Cǎo Materia Medica of the Daguan Reign Period 1108 CE   大觀本草
    Da Sheng Yao Zhi Essentials of Great Life    
    Dān Xī Xīn Fǎ Fù Yú Additions to the Teachings of Dan Xi by Fāng Guǎng 方廣 丹溪心法附餘
    Dān Xī Yi Ji Medical Collections of Mr. Zhu by Zhu Zhenheng 朱震亨 (1282-1358) 丹溪醫集
    Dān Yào Fāng Single Ingredient Remedies   單藥方
    Dīng Jì Wàn Xiān Sheng Yī Fāng Mr. Ding Ji Wan's Medical Formulas  


    Dong eui bo gam (KOR) Treasured Mirror of Eastern Medicine by Heo Joon 許浚 1613 東醫寶鑑
    Dong eui soo se bo won (KOR) Longevity and Life Preservation in Eastern Medicine by Lee Je-ma 李濟馬 1893 東醫壽世保元
    Dōng Yuán Shí Shū Ten books of Dong Yuan 東垣十書
    Dōng Yuán Shì Xiào Fāng DongYuan's Tested Prescriptions by LǐGǎo 李杲 東垣試效方
    Dosuisagen (JPN) How to treat edema by Wada, Tokaku 和田東郭 1805 導水瑣言
    Dou Zhen Ding Lun The Definitive Treatise on Pox and Rashes, by Zhu Chung-gu 1713  
    Dòu Zhěn Rén Duān Lù Return-of-Spring for All Diseases   痘疹仁端錄
    Dou Zhen Shi Yi Xin Fa Insight into Smallpox & Rash for Generations by Wan Quan 1568  
    Dú Yī Suí Bǐ Random Notes while Reading about Medicine   讀醫隨筆
    Du Xing Fang Single Drug Remedies   獨行方
    èr Shí Wǔ Shǐ Bǔ Biān Supplemental Compilation for the Twenty Five Histories by Kaiming Shuidian (1936), Shanghai   二十五史補編
    Eui bang shin gam (KOR) New Mirror of Medical Formulas by Han Byeong-ryeon 韓秉璉 1913 醫方新鑑
    Eui bang yoo chui (KOR) Classified Assemblage of Medical Prescriptions by Kim Ye-mong 金禮蒙, Yoo Seong-won 柳誠源 et al 1445 醫方類聚
    Eui jong so nik (KOR) Gains and Losses of Medical Orthodoxy by Hwang Do-yeon 黃度淵 1868 醫宗損益
    Eui rim choal yo (KOR) Synopsis of the Medical World by Yang Ye-soo 楊禮壽 16 c 醫林撮要
    Fā Bìng Shū Book on the Occurrence of Illness   發病書
    Fǎ Shī Xuǎn Zé Jì Record of Choosing Lucky Times of the Doctrine Master   法師選擇記
    Fàn Wāng Fāng Recipies of Fan Wang   范汪方
    Fang Ji Xue Traditional Chinese Medical Formulas    
    Fang Mai Zheng Zong Orthodox School of Recipes and Pulse Study   方脈正宗
    Fèi Shì Quán Jí Collected works of Mr. Fei   費氏全集
    Fèi Shì Quán Shū Complete works of Mr. Fei by Fèi Bó Xióng 費伯雄   費氏全書
    Feng Qin Yang Lao Xin Shu A New Book on the Care of Aged Relatives by Zhou Hong 1307 __親養老新書
    Fu Ke Mi Jue Da Quan Great Complete [Collection of] Secrets of Success in Gynecology    
    Fu Ke Zhong Yi Liao Fa TCM Gynecology Treatment Methods    
    Fukudempo (JPN) Fukuden Formulary by Yurin 有林 14-15 c 福田方
    Fukushokiran (JPN) Medical book focusing on abdominal diagnosis by Inaba, Bunrei 稲葉文礼 1799 腹證奇覧
    Fù Qīng Zhǔ Nǚ Kē Fù: Chǎn Hòu Piān by Fù Shān 傅山 傅青主女科附:產後篇
    Fù Rén Chǎn Yù Bǎo Qìng Jí by Guō Jī Zhòng 郭稽中 婦人產育保慶集
    Fu Ren Liang Fang Excellent Prescriptions for Gynecology by Chen Zi Ming 陳自明 1237 婦人良方
    Fú Shòu Jīng Fāng Essential Formulas to Support Longevity by Wu Min 1530 扶壽精方
    Futsugoyakushitsuhokan (JPN) Faultless Prescriptions from Pharmacy by Asada, Sohaku 浅田宗伯 1876 勿誤藥室方函
    Fu You Xin Bian A New Book on the Care of Children    
    Gān Tuó Lì Zhì Guǐ Fāng Gandhari Recipes to Treat Demons   乾陀利治鬼方
    Gan yi byeo kon bang (KOR) Simplified Prescriptions for Dispelling Pestilence by Kim Soon-mong 金順夢 et al 1524 簡易辟瘟方
    Gan Zheng Ji Yao Essentials for Differentiation    
    Gǔ Jīn MíngYī Fāng Lùn Formula Discussions by Famous Physicians from Present and Past by Luó Měi 羅美 古今名醫方論
    Gu Jin Yi Fang Ji Cheng Comprehension of Famous Doctors in the Past & Present by Wu KeQian 1936  
    Gǔ Jīn Yī Tǒng Zhèng Mài Quán Shū by Wáng Kěn Táng 王肯堂 古今醫統正脈全書
    Gǔ Jīn Yī Tǒng Zhèng Mài Quán Shū by Wú Miǎn Xué 吳勉學 古今醫統正脈全書
    Guang Ai Shu The Book of Univeral Love    
    Guàn Dǐng Jīng Consecration Sutra (500 CE?)   灌頂經
    Guǐ Gǔ Zi Guān Qì Chū Tú Xiàng Examiniation and Illustrations for the Observation of Colors of Emanations According to Guigu Zi   鬼谷子觀氣出圖相
    Gwng je bi geup (KOR) Secret Works of Universal Benefit by Lee Gyeong-hwa 李景華 1790 廣濟秘笈
    Gyeok Chi Bo (KOR) Draft on an Inquiry into the Properties of Things by Lee Je-ma 李濟馬 1880 格致藁
    Hai Thuong Y tong tam linh (VTN) Treatise of Medical Knowledge of Hai Thuong by Hai Thuong Lan Ong 海上懒翁 1724-1791 海上醫宗心領
    Hán Rè Lùn     寒熱論
    Hán Rè Lùn Yīn Yáng Fǒu Gé Lùn     寒熱論陰陽否格論
    HǎoYún Lóu Chū Jí First Collection from Fine Cloud Studio by Lǐ Lián Xiù 李聯繡   好雲樓初集
    Hēi Dì Yào Lüè Fāng The Black Emperor's Essential and Simple Remedies   黑帝要略方
    Hoat Nhan toat yeu (VTN) Principal Formulae to Keep Healthy by Hoang Don Hoa 黄敦和 1547 話人撮要
    Hong Nghia giac tu y thu (VTN) Medical Book of Master Hong Nghia by Tue tinh 慧静 1717 洪義覺斯醫書
    Hong Shi Ji Yan Fang Hong's Collection of Experienced Prescriptions    
    Hòu Hàn Shū History of the Later Han   後漢書
    Hou Ke Zhi Nan Guide to Throat Diseases    
    Hóu Shā Zhèng Zhì Gai Yào Synposis of Symptoms & Treatment of Laryngeal Sand (pattern) by Dīng Gān Rén 丁甘仁  


    Hū Xī Jìng Gōng Miào Jué Wondrous Instructions on the Skill of Quiescent Breathing   呼吸靜功妙訣
    Hua Yuan Hua Fang Huan Yuan-Hua's Formulas    
    Huan Xi Cao Tang Yi An HuanXi Cao Tang's Case Records by Wang TaiLin  
    Huan You Ri Zha Journals of an Official    
    Huáng Dì Biǎn Què Zhī Mài Shū Wǔ Sè Zhěn Bìng Diagnosis of Illness using the Exmaination of the Complexion According to the 'Book of Pulses by Bian Que and the Yellow Emperor'   黃帝扁鵲之脈書五色診病
    Huáng Dì Nèi Jīng Sù Wèn Zhù Zhèng Fā Wēi by Mǎ Shí 馬蒔 黃帝內經素問注證發微
    Huáng Dì Zhēn Jiǔ Xiā Má Jì Yellow Emperor's Toad Prohibitions for Acupuncture & Cauterization   黃帝鍼灸蝦蟆忌
    Huang Han Yi Xue Zong Shu General Books for the Imperial Chinese Medicine Studies    
    Huò Luàn Lùn Discussion of Sudden Turmoil Diseases by Wáng Shì Xióng 王士雄 霍亂論
    Huǒ Fǎ Yǒu Wǔ Lùn     火法有五論
    Hyakufukuzusetsu (JPN) Illustrated medical book of abdomen diagnosis by Manase, Dosan 曲直瀬道三 16 c 百腹圖説
    Hyang Yak Goo Geup Bang (KOR) Emergency Prescriptions from the Countryside 1236 鄕藥救急方
    Hyang Yak Jip Seong Bang (KOR) Compendium of Prescriptions from the Countryside by Yoo Hyo-tong 兪孝通, Roh Joong-rye 盧重禮 et al 1433 鄕藥集成方
    Ishimpo Prescriptions at the Heart of Medicine   醫心方
    Iyangpyeon (KOR) Compiled Texts on Keeping Fit by Jo Tak 曹倬 1617 頤養編
    Jai You Pu Zhu Ben Cao Jai You Herbal with Commentary    
    Jejoongshinpyeon (KOR) New Edition on Universal Relief by Gang Myeong-gil 康命吉 1799 濟衆新編
    Ji Gu Zhen Zhu Nang Ji Gu's Pearl Bag    
    Jī Jù Zhēng Jiǎ Zá Chóng Lùn     积聚癥瘕雜虫論
    Jí Qī Shí èr Jiā Xiāng Shū Collected Writings on Physiognomy by Seventy Two Scholars by Zhang Zi Shi 張紫__   集七十二家相書
    Jì Shēng Bá Cuì Marrow of the Prescriptions for Succouring the Sick by Dù Sī Jìng 杜思敬 濟生拔萃
    Ji Sheng Mi Lan A Secret Book of Succouring the Sick    
    Ji Zhi Tang Yi An Ji ZhiTang's Case Records by Cao RenBo  
    Jia Guo Wen Oracle Bone Scripture    
    Jia Yi Jing (Zhen Jing) Rule of One & Five    
    Jiā Yòu Běn Cǎo Materia Medica from the Jia You Era by Zhang YuXi 嘉祐本草
    Jiǎn Biàn Dān Fāng Simple and Single Drug Prescriptions   簡便單方
    Jiǎn Yào Jì Zhòng Fāng Concise Essential Formulas to Benefit the Masses   簡要濟眾方
    Jiàng Xuě Yuán Gǔ Fāng Xuǎn Zhù The Scarlet Snow Garden’s Selected Annotations on Ancient Formulas   絳雪園古方選注
    Jiē Xiào Fāng Nothing-But Effective Formulas   皆效方
    Jiē Yīn Yáng Jìn Shū Restricted Document on the Joining of Yin and Yang   接陰陽禁書
    Jin Gui Fa Wei Subtleties of Synopsis of Golden Chamber by Cao YinFu    
    Jin Gui Yao Fang Prescriptions of Synposis of the Golden Chamber by Ge Hong    
    Jīn Guì Yào Lüè Běn Yì by Wèi Lìtóng 魏荔彤   金匱要略本義
    Jīn Guì Yào Lüè Biān Zhù by Shěn Míngzōng 沈明宗   金匱要略編注
    Jīn Guì Yào Lüè Jin Shi Modern Commentary on Synposis of the Golden Chamber by Lu YuanLei   金匱要略
    Jīn Guì Yào Lüè Lùn Zhù Treatise with Commentaries on the Jīn Guì Yào Lüè, by Xú Bīn 徐彬 1671 金匱要略論注
    Jīn Guì Yào Lüè Zhí Jiě by Chéng Lín 程林   金匱要略直解
    Jīn Guì Yù Hán Jīng Classic of the Golden Chamber and Jade Sheath by Zhāng Zhòng Jǐng 張仲景 東漢 金匱玉函經
    Jīn Guì Yù Hán Jīng èr Zhù by Zhào Yǐ Dé 趙以德 金匱玉函經二注
    Jīn Jìng Nèi Tái Fāng Yì     金鏡內台方議
    Jin Lan Xun Jing The Book Beside the Golden Orchid    
    Jìn Xiào Fāng Recent Effective Formulas   近效方
    Jing Fang Shi Yan Lu Application Records of Classical Formularies by Cao YinFu    
    Jīng Shǐ Zhèng Lèi Bèi Jí Běn Cǎo Classic Classified Materia Medica for Emergencies by Táng Shèn Wēi 唐慎微 經史證類備急本草
    Jing Xiu Tang Yao Shuo Herbal Teachings from the Respectfully Decorated Hall    
    Jīng Yàn Fāng Experiential Formulas   經驗方
    Jiǔ Fǎ Tú Chart of Moxibustion Methods   灸法圖
    Jiǔ Jīng Míng Táng Illuminated Hall Moxibustion Canon   灸經明堂
    Jiù Huāng Běn Cǎo Herbal for Relief of Famines by Zhu Su 朱橚 救荒本草
    Jiu Yuan Fang On Original Prescriptions    
    Ju Ying (Zhen Jiu Ju Ying) Collection of Blossoms    
    Kāi Bǎo Běn Cǎo Materia Medica from the Kai Bao Era by Liu Han 刘翰 973 開寶本草
    Kāi Bǎo Zhòng Dìng Běn Cǎo Revised Kai Bao Herbal   開寶重定本草
    Keiketsuikai (JPN) Terminology and annotation of acupuncure points and meridians by Hara, Nan’yo 原南陽 1803 經穴彙解
    Keitekishu (JPN) Textbook of medical philosophy and experiences on Medicine by Manase, Dosan 曲直瀬道三 1574 啓廸集
    Kokonhoi (JPN) Collection of Ancient and Modern Prescriptions by Koga, Tsugen 甲賀通元 18 c 古今方彙
    Láo Shāng Lùn     勞傷論
    Láo Zhèng Shí Yào Shén Shū Miraculous Book of Ten Herbs for Taxation Patterns   癆證十藥神書
    Lǎo Zi Shí Shì Lán Tái Zhòng Zhì Lài Fú Lao Zi's Talismans to treat Leprosy from the Epidendrum Terrace of the Stone Chamber   老子石室蘭臺中治癩符
    Lèi Biān Zhū Shì Jí YànYī Fāng Effective Medical Formulas Arranged by Category by Dr. Zhu by Zhū Zuǒ 朱佐 類編朱氏集驗醫方
    Léi Gōng Yào Dui Herb Pairs of the Lightening Lord   雷公藥對
    Lì Dài Míng Yī Měng Qiú by Zhōu Shǒu Zhōng 周守忠 歷代名醫蒙求
    Li Ji, Yue Ling Meng Qiu      
    Liáo Fú Shí Fāng Mineral Recipes to be Taken Orally   療服石方
    Ling Shu Ji Zhu Collection of Commentaries on the Ling shu, by Zhāng Zhì Cōng 張志聰  
    Ling Xin Jing Zhi Principles of Notation on Confidence in the Spirits (pre ce 1144)   靈信經旨
    Ling Yang Jin Fang Master Ling Yang's Secret Remedies   陵陽子禁方
    Liǔ Bǎo Yí Yīàn Willow Treasure Transmitting Medical Cases   柳寶詒醫案
    Liú Cháng Chūn Jīng Yàn Fāng Liú Cháng Chūn's Proven Prescriptions   劉長春經驗方
    Liu Du Ju Qi Se Zhen Xiang Fa The True Method of Examination of the Colors of Emanations by Liu Du Ju   劉度具氣色相法
    Liù Kē Zhǔn Shéng Standards for the Six Branches of Medicine   六科準繩
    Liù Lǐ Zhāi Yī Shū Shí Zhǒng by Chéng Yǒng Péi 程永培 六醴齋醫書十種
    Liǔ Xuǎn Sì Jiā Yī àn Four Physicians' Case Records Selected by Liǔ Bǎo Yí 柳寶詒 柳選四家醫案
    Liu Yin Feng Zhan Qi Se Ge Song of Prognoses by the Examination of Colors of Emanations according to Liu Yinfeng   柳陰風佔氣色歌
    Liu Zhou Yi Hua Liu Zhou's Medical Essays by Wang ShiXiong  
    Liu Zhou Yi Hua Liang Fang Liu Zhou's Medical Essays & Effective Prescriptions by Wang ShiXiong  
    Lu Shi Chun Qiu Spring & Summer Annals of Mr. Lu    
    Lǚ Chán Yán Běn Cǎo Materia Medica from Steep Mountainsides by Wáng Jiè 王介 履巉巖本草
    Lù Chuān Běn Cǎo Land and Water Herbs   陆川本草
    Lǚ Shè Bèi Yào Fāng by Dǒng Jí 董汲 旅舍備要方
    Lu Xun Jing Classic of Cranial Fontanelles by Zhang YuanSu    
    Lùn Bì     論痹
    Luó Shì Huì Yuē Yī Jìng by Luó Guó Gāng 羅國綱 羅氏會約醫鏡
    Mǎ Péi Zhī Wài KēYī àn Ma Pei Zhi's Medical Case Records on External Diseases 馬培之外科醫案
    Mǎ Péi Zhī Yī Lùn Ma Pei Zhi's Medical Discourses   馬培之醫
    Mǎ Píng Wài Kē Zhèng Zhì Quán Shēng Jí Commentary on the Complete Compendium of External Medicine Symptoms and their Treatment by Mǎ Péi Zhī 馬培之   馬評外科症治全生集
    Mǎ Shì Mài Jué Ma Family Pulse Determination by Mǎ Guān Qún 馬冠群   馬氏脈訣
    Mài Bìng Wài Nèi Zhèng Jué Lùn     脈病外内證决論
    Mai Jue Ge Pulse Songs, by Cui Zhen-ren 1174-1189  
    Mai Shu Book of the Mai   脈書
    Mai Xue Fa Wei Subleties of Pulse Diagnosis by Yun TieQiao    
    Mài Xué Jí Yào Summary of Pulse Diagnosis by Dīng Gān Rén 丁甘仁  


    Mài Yào Lùn     脈要論
    Man’ampo (JPN) Formulary for Absolute Safety by Kajiwara, Shozen 梶原性全 1327 萬安方
    Mi Ben Yi Xue Cong Shu Compendium of Secret Medical Texts    
    Mì Chuán Yǎn Kē Lóng Mù Lùn Nagajuna’s Secret Treatise on Ophthalmology (anonymous) 隋唐 秘傳眼科龍木論
    Min Jian Fang Formulas from Among the People    
    Ming Tang Jiu Fa by Wang Tao 王道   明堂灸法
    Ming Tang Kong Xue Zhen Jiu Zhi Yao Essentials of Acupuncture & Moxibustion with Ming Tang Chart    
    Ming Tang Wu Zang Lun Illuminated Hall Treatise of the Five Viscera   明堂五藏論
    MíngYī Lèi àn Famous physicians’ Analogous Medical Cases by 江瓘, 1591 名醫類案
    Mo Xue (Mo Jing) Rules of the Pulse by Wang Shu He    
    Mù Shù Dé Táng Wán Sǎn Jí A Collection of Pills and Powders from the Mushudetang Pharmacy by Dīng Gān Rén 丁甘仁   沐樹德堂丸散集
    Nam duoc than hieu (VTN) Miraculous Medicine of the Southern Country by Tue tinh 慧静 1717 南藥神效
    Nán Yǎ Táng Yī Xué Quán Jí by Chén Xiūyuán 陳修園 南雅堂醫學全集
    Nei Jing Shi Yi Fang Lun Enumeration of Formulas Omitted from the Inner Classic    
    Nei Ke Yao Jue Key Knacks of Internal Medicine by Wan Quan  
    Nèi Kē Zhāi Yào Summary on Essentials in Internal Medicine by Xue Ji   內科摘要
    Nèi Wài Shāng Biàn Huò Lùn Differentiation on Endogenous & Exogenous Diseases by LǐGǎo 李杲 內外傷辨惑論
    Ngu Tieu van dap y thuat (VTN) Dialogue of Fisherman and Woodman about Medicinal Art by Nguyen Dinh Chieu 阮停沼 1822-1888 魚樵問荅醫術
    Ni Ci Zhan Zhai Fengda 翟奉達 (902 CE)   逆刺佔
    Nǚ Dan Ji Yao Collection of the Essentials on the Woman's Elixir   女丹集要
    Nǚ Dan Miao Jue Wonderful Art of the Woman's Elixir   女丹妙訣
    Nu Ke Yi An Case Records of Women's Diseases by Xu DaChun    
    Nu Ke Zheng Zhi Zhun Sheng Standards of Diagnosis & Treatment of Women's Diseases by Wang KenTang    
    Nǚ Zi Dao Jiao Xiao Cong Shu A Small Collection of Books w/ Daoist Instructions for Women by Chen Yingning 陳櫻寧 Shanghai 1934 女子道教小叢書
    Pao Ming Fang Destiny Protecting Formulas    
    Pao Yun Ji Fang A collection of Protecting Pregnancy Formulas    
    Pào Zhì Dà Quán Comprehensive Handbook on the Processing of Drugs by Miao Xiyong 缪希雍 1622 炮炙大全
    Pi Bu Lun Treatise on the Areas of the Skin   皮部論
    Pian Yu Dou Zhen Smallpox & Measles of PianYu by Wan Quan  
    Pin Hui Jing Yao Essentials of Herbal Distinctions    
    Ping Mai Lüe Li A Brief Outline of Normal Pulses: Manuscripts A & B   平脈略例
    Pú Fǔ Zhōu Yī Liáo Jīng Yàn Therapeutic Experiences of Pu Fu-Zhou   蒲輔周醫療經驗
    Pǔ Jì Fāng Prescriptions for Universal Relief by Zhū Zǐ Děng 朱梓等 普濟方
    Pu Ji Fang, Ze Shang Men General Saving Methods, Category for Broken Bones & Injuries    
    Qi Biao Ba Li San Bu Mai The Seven Superficial & Eight Deep Pulses in Three Sectors   七表八裏三部脈
    Qi Xiao Hai Sheng Liang Fang Mi Ben Secret Text of Extraordinary Effective Beneficial Formulas form Across the Seas    
    Qian Fu Lun Sayings of a Hermit by Wang Fu 王符 (c.90-165) Han Dynasty   潛夫論
    Qiān Jīn Fāng Yǎn Yì Derivative Meaning of Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Pieces of Gold by Zhang Lu   千金方衍義
    Qian Jin Shi Zhi Thousand Gold Pieces Dietary Therapy by Sun Si Mao    
    Qián Zhāi Yī Shū Sān Zhǒng by Wáng Shì Xióng 王士雄 潛齋醫書三種
    Qián Zhāi Yī Xué Jiǎng Gǎo Medical Lecture Notes of [Qin] Qian Zhai (Qin Bo-wei)   謙齋醫學講稿
    Qing Dai Ming Yi Yi An Jing Hua Distillate of Eminent Physicians' Case Records of the Qing Dynasty by Qing BoMo    
    Qing Wu Zi Mai Jue Master Qing Wu's Secret Instructions on the Pulse   青烏子脈訣
    Qu Gu Ran Xi Lu Master Ranxi's Treatise on Expelling Gu Toxins    
    Quan Guo Zhong Cheng Yao Chu Fang Ji National Collection of Chinese Prepared Medicines    
    Qun Jing Jian Zhi Lu Wisdom Exposed in Medical Classics by Yun TieQiao    
    Ri Hua Zi Ben Cao Materia Medica by Rihuazi   日華子本草
    Ri Shu The Book of Days   日書
    Ri Yong Ben Cao Household Materia Medica by Wu Rui 1350  
    Ren Shen Liu Zhu The Flow of the Human Spirit   人神流注
    Rén Zhāi Zhí Zhǐ Xiǎo ér Fāng Lùn by Yáng Shì Yíng 楊士瀛 仁齋直指小兒方論
    Ru Lin Cai Yue Fa How to Collect Herbs in the Forest    
    Ru Men Shi Shi The Confucian Point of View by Zhang Zi-He    
    Ruijuho (JPN) Classified Assemblage of Prescriptions by Yoshimasu, Todo 吉益東洞 1764 類聚方
    Sa Am Do In Chim Goo Yog Yeol (KOR) Essential Rhymes on Acupuncture and Moxibustion by Master Sa-am by Saamdoin 舍巖道人 16-17 c 舍巖道人鍼灸要訣
    Sanron (JPN) Treatise on Childbirth by Kagawa, Gen’etsu 賀川玄悦 1765 産論
    San San Yi Shu A Medical Book with Double Three by Qiu QingYuan 1924  
    San Shi Liu Shui Fa Thirty-six Aqueous Methods   三十六水法
    San Xiao Lun On Diabetes Mellitus by Liu Wansu    
    Sān Zhǐ Shàn by Zhōu Xué Tíng 周學霆 三指禪
    Shā Hóu Zhèng Yì by Zhāng Zhèn Yún 張振鋆 痧喉正義
    Shang Hai Shi Zhong Cheng Yao Zhi Ji Gui Fan Shang Hai Municipal Standards for the Manufacture of Chinese Prepared Medicines    
    Shāng Hán Biàn Zhèng by Chén Yáodào 陳堯道 傷寒辨證
    Shāng Hán Biàn Zhèng Ji Jie Collection of Explanations of Pattern Differentiation in the Shang han lun, by Huang Bao-chen  
    Shāng Hán Bǔ Tiān Shí by Gē Wéi Chéng 戈維城 傷寒補天石
    Shang Han Fa Wei Subtleties of Treatise on Febrile Disease by Cao YinFu    
    Shāng Hán Lùn Běn Yì by Wèi Lì Tóng 魏荔彤 傷寒論本義
    Shāng Hán Lùn: Bian Mai Fa     傷寒論:辨脈法
    Shāng Hán Lùn Hòu Tiáo Biàn by Chéng Yìng Mào 程應旄 傷寒論後條辨
    Shāng Hán Lùn Jin Shi Modern Commentary of Treatise on Cold Damage by Lu YuanLei    
    Shāng Hán Lùn Li Zhu Variorum of the Treatise on Cold Damage by Zhang ZhiCong  
    Shāng Hán Lùn Sān Zhù by Zhōu Yáng Jùn 周揚俊 傷寒論三注
    Shāng Hán Ran Bing Lùn The Theory of Typhus Contamination    
    Shāng Hán Yù Jīn Guì Cold Damage and Golden Chamber   傷寒與金匱
    Shāng Hán Zhai Jing Distillation of Treatises on Cold Damage by Wan Quan  
    Shāng Kē Bǔ Yào by Qián Chāng Xiù 錢昌秀 傷科補要
    Shang Lun Pian Critical Study by Yu Chang    
    Shang Lun Zhang ZhongJing Shang Han Lun Critical Study of the Treatise on Cold Damage Written by Zhang ZhongJing by Yu Chang    
    Shāng Shǔ Quán Shū Complete Treatise on Summerheat Damage   傷暑全書
    Shàng Xià Bù Níng Lùn     上下不宁論
    Shao Lin Mi Xuan Shaolin Secret Methods   少林密選
    Shao Lin Zhi Yi Jin Xi Sui Er Jing     少林之易筋洗髓二經
    Shao Xing Ben Cao Materia Medica of the Shao Xing Reign Period CE 1159   紹興本草
    She Sheng Mi Pou Secret Investigations into Obtaining Health by Hong Ji   攝生秘譜
    She Sheng Zhong Miao Fang Collection of Miraculous Formulas for the Preservation of Life   攝生眾妙方
    Shen Jiu Jing Lun Principles of Divine Moxibustion    
    Shén Nóng Běn Cǎo Jīng Shu Annotations to the Divine Husbandman’s Classic of Materia Medica   神農本草經疏
    Shén Nóng Běn Cǎo Jīng Ji Zhu Collection on Commentaries on Shen Nong's Herbal by Tao Hong Jing    
    Shèn Róu Wǔ Shū Five Works by Mr. Hu by Hú Shèn Róu 胡慎柔 慎柔五書
    Shēng Chéng Lùn     生成論
    Sheng Hui Fang Sacred Benevolence Formulas   聖惠方
    Shèng Jì Jīng by Sòng Huī Zōng 宋徽宗 聖濟經
    Shèng Jì Zǒng Lù General Records for Sacred Benefit by Zhèng Hé Nián Jiān Zhèng Fǔ 政和年間政府 聖濟總錄
    Sheng Ke Bu Yao Song More Precious than Jade    
    Sheng Li Xin Yu New Comments on Physiology by Yun TieQiao    
    Shēng Sǐ Yào Lùn     生死要論
    Shì Bǔ Zhāi Yī Shū by Liù Mào Xiū 陸懋修 世補齋醫書
    Shì Cái Sān Shū Three Books of Li Shi Cai by Lǐ Zhòngzǐ 李中梓 士材三書
    Shi Hou Jin Zu Fang The Methods of Preparing for Emergencies: Reviving from Unconsciousness    
    Shi Ji – Bian Que CangGong Lie Zhuan Biography of Bian Que and Cang Gong in Historical Records by Chun YuYi    
    Shi Liao Ben Cao Herbs for Dietary Therapy by Zhang Ding 張鼎   食療本草 Lost Text
    Shi Re Tiao Bian Detailed Analysis of Dampness & Heat by Xue Xue    
    Shi Wu Ben Cao Herbal Medicine as Food    
    Shi Wu Bie Luo by Ge Ke Jiu  
    Shí Yào Shén Shū Miraculous Book of Ten Remedies by Gě Kě Jiǔ 葛可久 十藥神書
    Shinbyokigai (JPN) Medical book of diagnosing diseases by Taki, Motokata 多紀元堅 1843 診病奇侅
    Shin Chan Byeo Kon Bang (KOR) Newly Compiled Prescriptions for Dispelling Pestilence by Heo Joon 許浚 1613 新纂辟瘟方
    Shin Joo Moo Won Rok (KOR) Newly Annotated Records of No Fault by Choi Chi-woon 崔致雲, Lee Se-hyeong 李世衡 et al 1438 新註無寃錄
    Shinkyuchohoki (JPN) Treasured Text of Acupuncture and Moxibustion by Hongo, Masatoyo 本郷正豊 1718 鍼灸重寶記
    Shinkyusetsuyaku (JPN) Text book of acupuncture and moxibustion by Ishizaka, Sotetsu 石坂宗哲 1812 鍼灸說約
    Shinkyusoku (JPN) Textbook for clinical acupuncure therapy by Suganuma, Shukei 菅沼周桂 1766 鍼灸則
    Shòu Shì Bǎo Yuán Achieveing Longevity by Guarding the Source by Gōng Tíng Xián 龔廷賢 壽世保元
    Shu Ben Cao Materia Medica of Sichuan c.950  
    Shuhokiku (JPN) Standards for a Multitude of Prescriptions by Manase, Gensaku 曲直瀬玄朔 16~17 c 衆方規矩
    Shuǐ Fǎ Yǒu Liù Lùn     水法有六論
    Shuo Wen Jie Zi Analysis of Documents with Explanation of Terms    
    Si Ku Quan Shu Complete Book of Four Warehouses  
    So Moon Dae Yo (KOR) Major Essentials of the Plain Questions by Lee Gyoo-joon 李圭晙 1904 素問大要
    Song Yi Qian Yi Ji Kao Research on Medical Books in the Pre-Song Dynasties by Gangxi WeiRen    
    Song Yuan Ming Qing Ming Yi Lei’An Famous Physicians’ Analogous Medical Cases between Song and Qing by Yao Ruoqin 姚若琴 & Xu Hengzhi 徐衡之   宋元明清名醫類案
    Soo Min Myo Jeon (KOR) Explanation of Subtleties for the People’s Longevity by King, Jeongjo 正祖 18 c 壽民妙詮
    Su Shi Yi Zhuan Master Su's Yi Jing Commentary    
    Sù Wèn Ji Zhu Collection of Commentaries on the Su Wen, by Zhāng Zhì Cōng 張志聰 素問
    Sù Wèn Píng Rè Bìng Lùn Basic Questions-Treatise Discussing Heat Disease   素問:評熱病論
    Sù Wèn Rù Shì Yùn Qì Lùn Ào Discussion of the Mysteries of Circuits-Qi Modeled after the Plain Questions by Liu Wenshu 劉溫舒 1099 素問入式運氣論奥
    Sù Wèn : San Bu Jiu Hou Lun Basic Questions: Treatise on the Three Sectors & Nine Positions   素問:三部九候論
    Sù Wèn Yīn Yáng Yìng Xiàng Dà Lùn Basic Questions-Great Treatise on the Correspondences and Manifestations of Yin and Yang   素問:陰陽應象大論
    Sù Wèn Zàng Qì Fǎ Shí Lùn Basic Questions-Methods of Treating Visceral Qi in Accordance to the Seasons   素問:臟氣法時論
    Sù Wèn Zhì Zhēn Yào Dà Lùn Basic Questions-Great Treatise on the Essentials of Supreme Truth   素問:至真要大論
    Sugiyamashindenryu (JPN) Genuine Transmissions from Sugiyama by Sugiyama, Waichi 杉山和一 17c 杉山眞傳流
    Sui Shu Bai Guan Zhi The Record of Hundreds of Officers in the Sui Dynasty    
    Taegyoshingi (KOR) New Notes on Fetal Education by Sajoodang 師朱堂 1821 胎敎新記
    Tai Chan Shu Book of the Generation of the Fetus    
    Tai Chan Xin Fa Heart Methods Acquired from Expereince in Obstetrics, by Yan Chun-xi 1730  
    Tài Píng Jing Scripture of Great Peace   太平經
    Tài Qing Shen Jian The Sublime Mirror of Supreme Purity by Wáng Pǔ王樸 太清神鑑
    Tai Shang Dong Yuan Shen Zhou Jing Scripture of Spirit Invocations of the Great High Cavern Abyss   太上洞淵神咒經
    Tai Shang Huang Ting Nei Jing Yu Jing Most High Jade Scripture on the Internal View of the Yellow Court   太上黃庭內景玉經
    Tai Shang Huang Ting Wai Jing Yu Jing Most High Jade Scripture on the External View of the Yellow Court   太上黃庭外景玉經
    Tán Huǒ Diǎn Xuě by Gōng Jū Zhòng 龔居中 痰火點雪
    Tang Ren Xuan Fang Selected Remedies from Tang Authors   唐人選方

    Tāng Xi Běn Cǎo

    Tang's New Herbal aka Xin Xiu Ben Cao    
    Tang Ye Jing Fa Cannonical Methods for Brews and Decoctions   湯液經法
    Ti Ren Hui Bian Compilation of Materials of Benvolence for the Body 1549  
    Tian Xing Mi Jue The Secrets of the Heavenly Star    
    Tóng Jūn Cǎi Yào Lù Master Tong’s Records of Collecting Medicinals   桐君采藥錄
    Tong Ren Zhen Jiu Jing Book of Needles & Moxa of the Bronze Man    
    Tóng Rén Shù Xué Zhēn Jiǔ Tú Jīng Illustration of the Brass Man Acupuncture and Moxibustion by Wáng Wéi Yī 王惟一 銅人腧穴針灸圖經
    Tong Su Shang Han Lun Treatise on Cold Damage in Plain Language   通俗傷寒論
    Tong Zhi Yi Wen Lüe by Zheng Qiao 鄭樵 (1104-1162), completed in 1161   通志藝文略
    Ton’isho (JPN) Essentials of Medicine by Kajiwara, Shozen 梶原性全 1302 頓醫抄
    Tu Jing Ben Cao Illustrated Classic of the Materia Medica by Su Song 1061  
    Tui Na Guang Yi The Wide Definition of Tui Na    
    Tui Qiu Shi Yi Inquiry into the Master's Doctrine by Dai SiGong 1443  
    Wài Gǎn Wēn Rè Piān Writings on External Contraction of Warm Heat   外感溫熱篇
    Wài Kē Zhēn Quán True Interpretation of External Medicine   外科真詮
    Wài Kē Zhèng Zhì Quán Shēng Jí Life-Saving Manual of Diagnosis and Treatment of External Diseases by Wáng Wéi Dé 王維德 外科證治全生集
    Wai Zheng Yi An Hui Bian Compilation of Medical Case Records on External Diseases by Yu JingHe  
    Wan Mi Zhai Yi Xue Quan Shu Complete Medical Books of WanMi Study by Wan Quan  
    Wan Shi Fu Ke Master Wan's Gynecology by Wan Quan  
    Wan Wu Ten Thousand Things   萬物
    Wang Ming Shi Ben Cao Xu Li Prefatory Material to the Pharmacopoeia   亡名氏本草序例
    Wang Ming Shi: Mai Jing Two canons of the Pulse of Unknown Authorship   亡名氏脈經
    Wang Shi Yi An Wang's Medical Case Records by Wang ShiXiong  
    Wang Xu Gao Yi Shu Liu Zhong Six Medical Books of Wang Xu Gao by Wang TaiLin  
    Wang Zong Wu Ji Dan Fang Wang Zong's Single Ingredient Remedies without Prohibition   王宗無忌單方
    Wei Shi Jia Cang Fang Formulas of Dr. Wei’s Family Treasure   魏氏家藏方
    Wei Yao Tiao Bian Catalogued Differentiation of Erroneous Medicines    
    Wēn Yì Lùn Bǔ Zhù by Zhèng Zhòng Guāng 鄭重光 溫疫論補注
    Wen Zhai Yi An Helpful Questions in Medical Cases    
    Wu Jin San Song Yan Dan Hei Shen Wan     烏金散松煙丹黑參丸
    Wǔ Sè [Yī Zuò Jué] Mài Lùn     五色[一作绝]脈論
    Wu Shi Er Bing Fang Formulas for Fifty-two Diseases 春秋 五十二病方
    Wu Shi Yao Fang Five Stone Remedy   五石藥方
    Wù Tīng Zi Sú Jiě Bā Shí Yī Nán Jīng by Xióng Zōng Lì 熊宗立 勿聽子俗解八十一難經
    Wu Yi Hui Jiang Compilation of Medicine in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces by Tang DaLie  
    Wu Yun Liu Qi Five Periods & Six Qi   五運六氣
    Wu Zang Lun Zhang Zhong Jing's Treatise on the Five Viscera, Manuscripts A, B, C, & D   張仲景 <五藏論>
    Wu Zang Mai Hou Yin Yang Xiang Cheng Fa The Positions of the Pulses Corresponding to the Five Viscera and the Mutual Overcoming of Yin & Yang, Manuscripts A & B   五藏脈候陰陽相乘法
    Xi Yuan Ji Lu Records of Washing away the Injustice by Ge KeJiu  
    Xiān Shòu Lǐ Shāng Xù Duàn Mì Fāng The Immortal’s Instructions on Formulas for Mending Injuries and Fractures by Lìn Dào Rén 藺道人 仙授理傷續斷方
    Xiān Xǐng Tán Zhāi Yī Xué Guǎng Bǐ Jì Wide-Rangings Medical Notes from the First-Awakened Studio by Miào Xī Yōng 繆希雍 先醒談齋醫學廣筆記
    Xiān Xǐng Zhāi Yī Xué Guǎng Bǐ Jì Wide-Ranging Medical Notes from the First-Awakened Studio   先醒齋醫學廣筆記
    Xiang Fa Shi Liu Pian Method of Physiognomy: 16 Sections   相法十六篇
    Xiang Qi Se Shi Poem on the Examinations of the Colors of Emanations   相氣色詩
    Xiang Qi Se Mian Tu Illustrations of the Face for the Examination of Color Emanations   相氣色面圖
    Xiang Qi Se Tu Illustrations of the Examinations of the Colors of Qi by Zhu Shu 朱述   相氣色圖
    Xiang Shu Physiognomy by Xu Fu 許負 (Han Dynasty)   相書
    Xiǎo Ér An Mo Jing Massage Classic for Small Children    
    Xiǎo Ér Bān Zhěn Bèi Jí Fāng Lùn by Dǒng Jí 董汲 小兒斑疹備急方論
    Xiǎo Ér Bìng Yuán Fāng Lùn A Treatise on Pediatric Etiology by Chén Wén Zhōng 陳文中 小兒病源方論
    Xiǎo Ér Ming Tang Audience Hall for Children    
    Xiǎo Ér Tui Na Fang Mai Hao Ying Mi Zhi Quan Shu      
    Xiǎo Ér Tuī Ná Guǎng Yì Tui-na Massage for Infants, by Xióng Yìng Xióng 熊應雄 小兒推拿廣義
    Xiǎo Ér Tuī Ná Mì Zhǐ Secret Principles of Massage for Childen by Gōng Yún Lín 龔雲林 小兒推拿秘旨
    Xiǎo Ér Tui Na Mie Jue The Secret of Tui Na for Small Children    
    Xiǎo Ér Wèi Shēng Zǒng Wēi Lùn Fāng by Tài Yī Jú 太醫局 南宋 小兒衛生總微論方
    Xin Ji Bei Ji Jiu Jing A Canon of Emergency Moxibustion Remedies, Newly Collected   新集備急灸經
    Xing Shen Lun Qi Se Jing Cannon of the Colors of Emanations and Treatise of the Body and Mind   形神論氣色經
    Xiu Yue Lu Ban Jing Hou Lu Post-Recordings on the Xiuyue Luban Classic   修月魯般經後錄
    Xú Líng Tāi Yī Shu Chuan Ji CompleteCollection of Mr. Xu’s Medical Works by Xú Dà Chūn 徐大椿 徐靈胎醫書全集
    Xū Shí Dà Yào Lùn     虛實大要論
    Xuan Gan Mai Jing Xuan Gan's Pulse Cannon   玄感脈經
    Xuan Ji Bi Yao San Ju The 3 Important & Secret Ways of the Subtle Powers    
    Xuān Míng Lùn Fāng Formulas from the Discussion Illuminating by Liu Wansu   宣明論方
    Xuan Xiang Xi Qin Wu Zhou Zhan Prognostications for the Five Prefectures of the Eastern Qin   玄像西秦五州佔
    Xuē Shēng Bái Shī Rè Bìng Piān Writing by Xue Sheng-bai on Damp-Heat Diseases   薛生白濕熱病篇
    Xun Jing Kao Xue Bian Investigation into Points along the channels    
    Y hoc yeu giai tap chu di bien (VTN) Note of Medical Essential Knowledge by Chu Van An 朱文安 1292-1370 醫學要輯註遺編
    Y Phuong ca quat (VTN) Medicinal Formulae in Poetic Version by Tran Ngo Thiem 陳吾添 1747 醫方歌括
    Yakucho (JPN) Description work of herbal pharmacology comprised of excerpts from Shanhanlun and medical experiences by Yoshimasu, Todo 吉益東洞 1771 藥徴
    Yan Ke Da Quan The Great Work on Opthalmology, by Zhuan Ren-yu 1644  
    Yán Shì Jì Shēng Fāng Yan’s Prescriptions for Rescuing Lives by Yan Yonghe 嚴用和 1253 巖氏濟生方
    Yan Shi Xiao Er Fang Lun Yan's Prescriptions for Infantile Diseases    
    Yáng Jìng Zhāi Zhēn Jiǔ Quán Shū by Chén Yán 陳言 楊敬齋針灸全書
    Yáng Jué Lùn     陽厥論
    Yáng Kē Xuǎn Cuì by Chén Wén Zhì 陳文志 瘍科選粹
    Yang Shen Fu Yu Brief Introduction to Nourishing the Body by Chen Ji Ru    
    Yang Shen Jue Life Nourishing Secrets by Zhang An-Dao    
    Yang Sheng Si Yao Four Necessities for Health Preservation by Wan Quan  
    Yáng Yī Dà Quán The Great Achievement of Treating Injuries by Gù Shì Chéng 顧世澄 瘍醫大全
    Yang Yi Zhun Sheng The Rules of Healing Injuries    
    Yao Hui Tu A Chart of All Drugs ( a play)   藥會圖
    Yao Wang Bao Quan The Medicine King's Precious Voucher (a play about Sun Simiao)   藥王寶卷
    Yao Xing Ben Cao Materia Medica of Medicinal Properties by Zhen Quan    
    Yao Xing Ji Yao Abstract of Drug Properties by Ding ZeZhou    
    Yao Xing Lun Materia Medica of Medicinal Properties    
    Ye Shi Nu Ke Master Ye's Gynecology    
    Ye Shi Yian Cun Zhen Authentic Storage of Master Ye’s Case Histories, by Ye Gui (Tian-shi)  
    Ye Tian Shi Nu Ke Ye Tian Shi's Gynecology    
    Yen Shu Rui Yo Classified Essentials for Long Life    
    Yī Chún Shèng Yì by Fèi Bó Xióng 費伯雄 醫醇賸義
    Yi Fa Fang Yi Lun Treatise on Different Methods of Proper Treatment    
    Yi Fang Lei Ju Categorized Gatherings of Medical Formulas   醫方類聚
    Yi Fang Lun Treatise on Medical Prescriptions by Fei BoXiong 1865  
    Yi Fang Xin Jie New Explanations of Medical Formulas    
    Yi Ji Medical Ladder    
    Yi Ji Bao Jian Precious Mirror for the Advancement of Medicine    
    Yi Jian Ji Zhi Medical Anecdotes    
    Yī Jīng Jí Yào Summary of the Medical Cannons by Dīng Gān Rén 丁甘仁  


    Yi Lei Yuan Cheng The Origin of the Creation of the Ramparts of Medicine    
    Yī Lěi Yuán Róng by Wáng Hǎo Gǔ 王好古 醫壘元戎
    Yī Lín Shéng Mò by Fāng Yú 方隅 醫林繩墨
    Yī Lín ZhǐYuè by Wáng Qí 王琦 醫林指月
    Yī Lín Zuǎn Yào Tàn Yuán Collection of Investigations from the Realm of Medicine   醫纂林要探源
    Yī Lǜ Rules of Medicine by Qián Xīn Róng 錢心榮   醫律
    Yi Lue Liu Shu Six Texts on the Essentials of Medicine   醫學六書
    Yī Mén Bàng Hē Judgement on Medical Schools by Zhāng Nán 章楠 醫門棒喝
    Yi Men Yao Jue Key Skills of Medical Profession by Wang TaiLin  
    Yī Shū Dà Quán Complete Compendium of Medical Books by Xiong Zongli 熊宗立 1446 醫書大全
    Yī Shū Liu Zhong Six Types of Medical Books   醫書六種
    Yī Shuō Talks on Medicine by Zhāng Gǎo 張杲 醫說
    Yi Si Zhan by Li Chun Feng   乙巳佔
    Yī Wù Medical Awakening by Mǎ Guān Qún 馬冠群   醫悟
    Yī Xué Fā Míng Medical Innovations by Lǐ Gǎo 李杲 醫學發明
    Yī Xué Huì Hǎi by Sūn Dé Rùn 孫德潤 醫學匯海
    Yi Xue Jin Liang The Gateway to Medicine by Wáng Kěn Táng 王肯堂 醫學津梁
    Yī Xué Liù Yào by Zhāng Sān Xí 張三錫 醫學六要
    Yī Xué Rù Mén Introduction to Medicine by Lǐ Chān 李梴 醫學入門
    Yī Xué Tong Zhi Governing Decrees of Medicine   醫學統旨
    Yī Xué Xīn Wù Comprehension of Medicine by Cheng Guopeng 程國彭 1732 醫學心悟
    Yi Yu Quan Lu Records of the Entire Realm of Medicine    
    Yī Yuán Jì Lüè Synopsis of the Origins of Medicine by Shā Shū Rén 沙書壬   醫原紀略
    Yi Zhou Shu     逸周書
    Yín Hǎi Jīng Wēi Essence of the Silver Sea 銀海精微
    Yīn Jué Lùn     陰厥論 
    Yin Shu Pulling Book   引書
    Yīn Yáng Dà Yào Tiáo Shén Lùn     陰陽大要調神論
    Yīn Zhèng Lüè Lì Illustration of Febrile Diseases of Yin Type by Wáng Hǎo Gǔ 王好古 陰證略例
    Ying Gong Ben Cao      
    Yōng Kē Bǔ Jū Making up [shortcomings] in External Medicine by Shā Shū Rén 沙書壬   癰科補苴
    Yong Lei Qian Fang Everlasting Categorization of Seal Formulas    
    Yong Yue Fa Xiang Golden Rules for Herbal Application by Li Dong Yuan    
    Yòu Kē Tui Na Mi Shu The Secret Book of Tui Na for Small Children    
    Yóu Shì Hóu Kē Mì Shū You's Secrets in Treating Laryngopharyngeal Diseases by Yóu Chéng 尤乘 尤氏喉科秘書
    Yu Fang Mi Jue The Secret Instructions of the Jade Bedchamber   玉房秘訣
    Yu Ming Mi Jue Secret Formulas for Babies by Wan Quan  
    Yù YàoYuàn Fāng Prescriptions of the Imperial Drug Institute by Xǔ Guó Zhēn 許國禎 御藥院方
    Yù Yì Cǎo Moral Grass by Yù Chāng 喻昌 寓意草
    Yu Zhu Shang Han Lun Yi Yu's Supplementary Commentary on the Treatise of Cold Damage by Yu JingHe  
    Yuán Jī Qǐ Wēi Explanation of the subtleties of the Original Mechanism by Ní Wéi Dé 倪維德 元機啟微
    Yue Xing Ben Cao Zhen Quan    
    Yun Ji Qi Qian Seven Tablets from the Cloudy Satchel   雲笈七籤
    Yún Lín Shén Gòu by Gōng Tíng Xián 龔廷賢 雲林神彀
    Za Bing Guang Yao Broad Essentials on Complex Diseases   雜病廣要
    Za Bing Yuan Etiology of Miscellaneous Diseases by Xu DaChun    
    Zá Bìng Zhèng Zhì Xīn Yì New signifigance of Patterns & Treatment in Miscellaenous Diseases   雜病證治新義
    Za Jiu Fa Various Moxibustion Methods   雜灸法
    Za Liao Bing Yao Fang Drug Remedies for Various Treatments   雜療病藥方
    Zhan Qi Se Yao Jue Tu Drawings and Essential Formulae for Prognoses by the Examination of Color Emanations   佔氣色要訣圖
    Zhan Wu Zang Sheng Se Yuan Hou Tracing Signs of Disease to the Origin of Divination from the Sounds and Colors corresponding to the Five Viscera   佔五藏聲色源候
    Zhang Min Yi Tong Treatise on General Medicine    
    Zhang Shi Yi Shu Qi Zhong Zhang's Seven Medical Books by Zhang Lu    
    Zhen He Ben Cao      
    Zhēn Jīng Zhāi Yīng Jí by Dù Sī Jìng Jié 杜思敬節 針經摘英集
    Zhēn Jiǔ Jí Chéng by Liào Rùn Hóng 廖潤鴻 針灸集成
    Zhēn Jiǔ Sì Shū by Dòu Guì Fāng 竇桂芳 針灸四書
    Zhēn Jiǔ Sù Nán Yào Zhǐ by Gāo Wǔ 高武 針灸素難要旨
    Zhen Jiu Yi Zhi Easy Knowledge of Needles and Moxa    
    Zhen Jiu Za Shuo Various Talks on Needles and Moxa    
    Zhen Nan Ben Cao Materia Medica of South Yunnan by Lan Mao  
    Zhen Yu Ji Yu's Collection on Diagnosis by Yu JingHe  
    Zheng Gu Xin Fa Yao Zhi      
    Zheng He Sheng Ji Zong Lu Comprehensive Recording of Sage-like Benefit from the Zheng Era by Shen Fu    
    Zheng Tong Dao Zang Repository of Daoist Scriptures of the Zheng Tong Era   正統道藏
    Zhèng Yīn Mài Zhì Pattern, Cause, Pulse and Treatment by Qín Jǐng Míng 秦景明 證因脈治
    Zhèng Zhì Huì Bǔ Collected Supplement to Pattern/ Syndrome Identifications and Treatments by Lǐ Yòng Cuì 李用粹 證治匯補
    Zhi Gu Xin Fang New Approaches to Gu Therapy    
    Zhòng Fēng Jiào Quán A Measured Interpretation of Wind-Strike   中風斠詮
    Zhòng Fēng Lín Zhèng Xiào Fāng Xuǎn Zhù Anthology of Effective Prescriptions for Overlooked Patterns of Wind-Strike   中風臨證效方選注
    Zhōng Guó Yī Xué Yuán Liú Lùn On the Origins and Development of Medicine in China by Xiè Guān 謝觀   中國醫學源流論
    Zhong Guo Fu Ke Bing Xue A study of Gynecological Diseases in China    
    Zhong Guo Ke Xue Ji Shu Shi: Yi Xue Juan History of Chinese Civilization and Technology: Medicine Volume   中國科學技術史: 醫學卷
    Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Zhi Liao Ji Fu Zheng Combined Chinese and Western Medical Treatment of the Acute Abdomen    
    Zhong Yao Zhi Ji Shou Ce Handbook of Traditional Chinese Medicinal Preparations    
    Zhōng Yī Zhì Fǎ Yǔ Fāng Jì Treatment Strategies and Formulas in Chinese Medicine   中醫治法與方劑
    Zhōng Yī Fāng Jì Lín Chuáng Shǒu Cè Clinical Manual of the Formulas in Chinese Medicine   中醫方劑臨床手冊
    Zhong Yi Fu Ke Zhi Liao Xue Traditional Chinese Medical Treatment of Women's Disorders    
    Zhong Yi Nei Ke Xue Traditional Chinese Internal Medicine    
    Zhong Yi Shang Ke Xue Traditional Chinese Traumatology    
    Zhong Yi Yan Ke Xue Traditional Chinese Opthamology    
    Zhong Zhi Yue Fa How to Plant Herbs    
    Zhōu Shì Yī Xué Cóng Shū by Zhōu Xué Hǎi 周學海 周氏醫學叢書
    Zi Sheng Jing Classic of Native Disposition    
    Zi-Wu Jing Book of Midnight & Midday    

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