The knowledge base for Chinese medicine is incredibly vast.

There are thousands of medical texts which were written in the time span of the Han to the Qing Dynasties.

These books make up the core knowledge of pre-modern Chinese medicine.

Sadly, many of these books have not been translated into English, and there are thousands which never will be.

This is no small feat, as each small to medium text takes a translator at least a year to translate, and larger texts take even longer.

This is a labor of love, born from the desire to read the material that our teachers have read, and to drink from the source.

Our mission is to translate these texts in a literal way.

Most scholars will agree that a literal translation is the starting point for texts where the source material is in a different language.

Once a literal translation has been created, and is on the market, then it is up to our community to tease out the layered meanings within the text.

There are several ways that you the reader can help us reach our lofty goals, which we believe will greatly increase the resources for those interested in Chinese medicine.

First: A subscription to our Chinese Medicine Database helps pay our translators to translate texts which have never been translated before.

The Data within these texts is then searchable in Chinese or in English.

Second: We have published seventeen books to date, and they are:

Bèi Jí Qiān Jīn Yào Fāng 備急千金要方 Essential Prescriptions Worth a Thousand in Gold For Every Emergency by Sūn Sīmiǎo 孫思邈 (Volume II - IV) Translated by Sabine Wilms Out of Print

The Jīn Guì Fāng Gē Kuò 金匱方歌括 Formulas from the Golden Cabinet with Songs by Chén Xiūyuán 陳修園 (Volume I - III) Translated by Sabine Wilms

The Zhēn Jiǔ Dà Chéng 針灸大成 The Great Compendium of Acupuncture & Moxibustion by Yáng Jìzhōu 楊繼洲 (Volume I) Translated by Sabine Wilms

The Zhēn Jiǔ Dà Chéng 針灸大成 The Great Compendium of Acupuncture & Moxibustion by Yáng Jìzhōu 楊繼洲 (Volume V) Translated by Lorraine Wilcox

The Zhēn Jiǔ Dà Chéng 針灸大成 The Great Compendium of Acupuncture & Moxibustion by Yáng Jìzhōu 楊繼洲 (Volume VIII) Translated by Yue Lu

The Zhēn Jiǔ Dà Chéng 針灸大成 The Great Compendium of Acupuncture & Moxibustion by Yáng Jìzhōu 楊繼洲 (Volume IX) Translated by Lorraine Wilcox

Raising the Dead and Returning Life: Emergency Medicine of the Qing Dynasty Translated by Lorraine Wilcox

The Zhēn Jiǔ Zī Shēng Jīng 針灸資生經 The Classic of Supporting Life with Acupuncture and Moxibustion Vol. I-III Translated by Yue Lu

The Jīn Guì Fāng Gē Kuò 金匱方歌括 Formulas from the Golden Cabinet with Songs by Chén Xiūyuán 陳修園 (Volume IV - VI) Translated by Eran Even

The Zhēn Jiǔ Zī Shēng Jīng 《針灸資生經》 The Classic of Supporting Life with Acupuncture and Moxibustion by Wáng Zhízhōng 王執中 (Vol. IV-VII) Translated by Yue Lu

The Nǚ Yī Zá Yán 《女醫雜言》 The Miscellaneous Records of a Female Doctor by Tán Yǔnxián 談允賢 Translated by Lorraine Wilcox

The Nǚ Kē Cuò Yào 《女科撮要》 The Outline of Female Medicine by Xuē Jǐ 薛己 Translated by Lorraine Wilcox

These books can be found at our own store, as well as Amazon, the Journal of Chinese Medicine, and China Books

The purchase of these books helps us continue to translate and offer our community regular releases of never before translated books.

Lastly, tell your friends and peers about us. Only by doing this as a community will we really be able to make a critical mass, where we are able to accomplish a massive amount in our lifetimes!

We appreciate you our users, and our readers. Thank you for visiting out website.



Translation Tools

Introducing our new Translation Tools! This advanced system gives subscribers who are interested in the translation of Chinese language or in dynastic Chinese texts a serious helping hand with their own translations.


This system includes a level of functionality you just won't find in any other places on the web. Here is what it can do:


  • Set up your document:

    Name and describe your document.

    Enter your own Traditional Chinese text on the Translation Tool page. Our system can handle thousands of pages worth of text in each document.

    Save your document on our server, and work on it from anywhere regardless of what computer you have in front of you.

  • Pick your popup tool:

    By character/ character set or by phrase. Or you can choose to have both popups going at once.

  • Translator popup:

    This popup has been designed to work with a small number of 1 to 8 characters. It uses "smart technology", so it will show you any characters that are matched in our dictionary that match words in your text. For example: take the phrase bù bì fēng hán 不避風寒. The popup will recognize 不 as it's own word, and then see if there is a match for 不避, and then a match for 不避風, and then 不避風寒, up to 8 characters ahead of the character that you are hovering on. This "smart technology" will help you see the multiple combinations of the words on the page at an incredible rate.

  • For characters that have multiple instances a number above the Chinese character documents each different instance of that character. By hovering over the number, you can see the different usages and definitions for a single character.

  • Phrase popup:

    This popup compares a set number of characters against all of the possible lines of text (both translated and not) that we currently have in the Database. Thus providing not only an excellent tool to check your own translation, but also to cross-reference a quote against 100's of other line instances.

  • Character search:

    Use our Character search tool to look for and find rare and hard to find characters. Characters are organized by radical and stroke number for convenience.

  • Custom Definitions:

    Of course what kind of tool would this be if you couldn't save your own definitions. Save your private custom terms in sets of up to 8 characters or in whole paragraphs.

  • Our Dictionary:

    See multiple dictionaries in our popup including: The Eastland termset, The WHO term set, a Chinese-English dictionary, and the CM-DB dictionary (our terms come from the books and online translations which we have published. Using our own documents to create a cohesive term list makes the most sense, since we are actively engaged in translating a wide variety of literature from different Chinese dynasties. All of our own terms are cited by source and author, so that the subscriber can see who made the translation, and in what book it came out of.
    Our dictionary is updated regularly with the release of each new book, so our house dictionary is constantly growing by leaps and bounds. We currently are drawing from over 105,000 words.

  • Subscribers who choose the Translation Tool customization (add on) also have access to all of these great features while viewing the texts that we have translated and are searchable as part of our online database.

    The Translation Tool was four years in the making, and we think that you will agree with us, that it is indispenable for the scholar and student who is working with the Chinese language.



    Register today.



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